Covid 19 Vaccination Programme

(Registered Healthcare Professional as per SI 698 of 2020 and SI 81 of 2021 working in the provision of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme).

We have extended the closing date for this campaign to 12 noon Thursday May 13th 2021

We have updated the online application form to support you in completing it. You will see what information we need now and what information you can give later in the recruitment process (if required). Please read the information provided on each section to give you guidance on this.

We are recruiting for COVID-19 Vaccinators to work in vaccination centres in locations throughout the country. The following registered healthcare professionals can apply for this role:

  1. Doctor (IMC registered or entitled to be)
  2. Nurse/ Midwife (NMBI registered or entitled to be)
  3. Pharmacist (PSI registered or entitled to be)
  4. Physiotherapist (CORU registered or entitled to be)
  5. Emergency Medical Technician (PHECC registered or entitled to be)
  6. Paramedic/ Advanced Paramedic (PHECC registered or entitled to be) 
  7. Dentist (Dental Council of Ireland registered or entitled to be)
  8. Optometrist (CORU registered or entitled to be)

Full details of the duties and responsibilities of the role are available in the job specification. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for:

  • Details of the recruitment campaign
  • Training requirements for each discipline
  • Employment contract and contact details

We encourage you to read the job specification and FAQs before you start the online application form