Be On Call For Ireland

Registration has now closed

Thank you for your interest in supporting our health service during the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Ireland has moved into Phase 3 of the Government roadmap for re-opening society and business.  While the crisis is not over, great progress has been made to date.  By the country working together we have saved lives and limited the impact of the virus.  

For the Be on Call for Ireland initiative this means the registration process is temporarily closed.    

The crisis is not over: COVID-19 is still having a major impact on our country.  The experience of countries that relax restrictions is that many have seen a resurgence of the virus; this is something that may happen in Ireland too. We may re-open the Be on Call for Ireland registration at a later date and will post updates on social media if this is needed.

On behalf of the health service, thank you most sincerely for your interest in the Be on Call for Ireland initiative.  

In certain locations we have a continued need for nurses who can work providing direct patient care.
If you are a nurse and you can provide direct patient care please email
we will contact you.